What is organic wine?

Simply put, organic wine is produced with organically grown grapes and have fewer added sulfites than traditional wines. Vines maintained organically are held to standards put forth by the USDA, and prohibit the use of certain chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the growing process.

What's the difference between organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines?

Are there sulfites in Organic Wine?

Wine that is labelled organic can have up to 1/3 the amount of sulfites as traditional wine. Sulfites prevent oxidation and preserve the wine's freshness.

Is Organic wine vegetarian/Vegan?

Most organic wines are vegetarian friendly. Some are vegan. Check the back label; it will state if the wine is vegetarian/vegan.

Does Supreme Liquors carry organic wines?

We do! Our stores carry a variety of organic wines, and all four of our locations are currently featuring one of our most popular brands, Bonterra Vineyards, for $11.99.